Wave - Accounting Software for your small business

What Financial Software Wave does?

Accounting Software with Wave

Track your expenses, send invoices, maintain your bookkeeping and get paid through the wave. It is PCI level 1 certified for handling credit card information. It gives innovative financial services to the customers. Small business can grow with the help of this application. It makes the work of easy through :

  • Access to capital
  • Improving cash flow
  • Pay employees on time
  • Help business to get paid
  • Prepared for tax time
  • Record of Accounting and Receipts

They provide a problem-solving solution for their services on every continent. Wave Accounting provides free invoicing and accounting software. Receipt scanning will scan the snap of paper receipt into complete accounting. Connecting affordable payroll services will reach your employee up to date. Handle multi-currencies, international banks and regional sales tax/VAT. Multiple businesses in one account are available here. Automatic exchange rate calculation, bill and invoice reminders.

Beneficiaries of Wave

  • Small Business
  • Micro Business
  • Freelancers

It connects/integrates with PayPal, Shoeboxed and Etsy.

Features of Wave

What is Wave Accounting?

Wave accounting is designed to be easy and intuitive. Understand your business by tracking your incomes and expenses. It is introduced for non-accountants. Get started in seconds with customized software. Way to stress-free and organized accounts. Connect to your bank accounts in seconds, automatically bookkeeping will update your transactions. Update business status with smart dashboards. Bank data connections allow to read-only. DIY tools help your accountant in double-entry accounting software. Generate automatic reports of profit & loss, sales tax, balance sheets and more. Invite your business partners, assistants, accounting professional who can manage your books.

How Wave Invoicing looks?

Make invoices perfect for customized columns, logo and colours. Wave invoices look professional, easy customization and absolutely free with unlimited invoices. Sending invoices is just the beginning. Get paid on time with scheduled invoices. All invoicing and payment information automatically syncs with free accounting software. Most invoices are credit card payments. Add optional credit card processing to your invoices. Invoice status will help you to take right actions and manage your cash flow. Track payments, partial payments and overdue invoices too.

Track Payments Easily

Accept credit cards and get paid faster. Wave Invoicing tracks payments easily. If payment process is not available in your location, use 100% free invoicing and accounting for better business in this software.

Pay Employees on Time

Integrates with Wave accounting, invoicing and receipt scanning software. Direct customer support from headquarters is the high priority. A smart feature of setting payroll reminders in your inbox. From the cloud, pay your employees anywhere. Accurate payroll calculations with taxes made simple. Employees can log into their wave accounts to check their pays. Employee payroll setup is simple and fast.

How does Recurring Billing work?

Send recurring invoices automatically with customized recurring billing services. Schedule your recurring according to your customer’s working hours. Focus on payment status to find the pending payment and take quick action that needs your attention.

Smart Access to Receipts Data

Simply snap a picture of your receipts using a smartphone in Wave’s mobile receipt scanning app. Record your receipt information in offline too. If receipts or bills emailed to you, forward it to wave receipt account. Save information automatically in wave account.

If you need your scanned data verified, we do that for you:

  • Merchant Name
  • Date
  • Payment Method
  • Categorize
  • Total amount
  • Subtotal
  • Tax (if applicable in the receipt)
  • Currency