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Verify Your Receipts with Veryfi

Veryfi your receipts

In real-time, Veryfi extracts automatically the data of receipts and enters them in the form. Veryfi tracks expenses and mileage. You got 14 days free trial. Meanwhile, you can decide whether this app cuts the mustard or not. It works in just 3 steps:


It identifies your receipts and extracts all the data. Click a snap of your receipt using the veryfi mobile app. It identifies the receipt data from Email, Reverse Cloud Sync(RCS), Gallery or if your paper receipt is missing, dictate and record it.


It categories your receipt data to maximize tax deductions. It helps you to avoid the dreaded tax audit. Categorizing your work are easier than manual entry.


It allows to connect your bank and credit cards and reconcile your receipts. This helps in reducing errors and make more accurate business decisions. Reconciling is the process of matching the balances entity’s accounting records. The app advertises that human data verification is not needed. Therefore, connecting your bank accounts to the app is essential for it to cut down your data entry time. 

Mileage Tracker

Veryfi automatically tracks business mileage. Classifies your travel with business trips and other tours. You can easily add the calendar event, drive purposes, category percentage split to your specific needs. Generates a detailed report of your mileage tracker. The app integrates to manage your day to day business expenses & income.

Veryfi Features

Tracking income alongside expenses

Tracking your Money In (income) & Money Out (expense) through enabling Money I/O option. Another advantage if you connect your bank accounts to the app.

Add your Team Members

Team Members is to connect and share documents like expenses within your organisation. It is an asset for the company to make sure of your finances are in order and maximizes your tax deduction.

How to invite your accountant

Inviting your accountant or bookkeeper to Veryfi plays a bigger role in your business success. Empower your CPA/ CFO with real-time access to your financial data. Accounting Practice Management is the software which your accountant will use to access your data.



Expense reports are available 24/7 through Veryfi Mobile Apps and Veryfi Hub. 2 Plans for reporting capabilities are:

  • In Free version, you will have simple reporting with CSV file alone.
  • In Prime+ version, you will have advanced reporting system which supports PDF, Excel, CSV with grouping & filtering.

Share your data with your CPA/CFO

Speed up your data sharing your financial documents. Invite your trusted advisor to access your books using Veryfi Hub to maximize tax deduction.

In case you like the app and wanna keep it, we help you out and verify:

  • Vendor name
  • Date
  • Transaction Type
  • Tax (if applicable in the receipt)
  • Tip (if applicable in the receipt)
  • Total Amount
  • Currency
  • Payment type
  • Categorize