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Tallie Expense Report Software

What happens when lazy accountants come together? They come up with ideas like Tallie Expense Report Software. And as a matter of fact, it turned out to be a simple to use mobile application. How much? First the dinner, then the receipt. How is it made for?  The service aims for companies with more than just 2 or 3 people. To be precise, everything above 6 is fine and the sky’s the limit. To be fair Tallie offers a good value for money. If you are a bigger company with employees in the field, the app keeps the expense workflow pretty simple.

Tallie Expense Report Software in short

The app is an automated expense reporting tool. To make sure that each employee files all monthly expenses, Tallie sends submission reminders, approver notifications and approval alerts. Furthermore, it allows employees to check the status of their submitted expense report.  You can create and approve Tally expense reports anywhere.  Your team can capture receipts and mileage maps easily with a mobile phone and forward for their approval to supervisor and accountant. All data can be shared and viewed via mail and viewed via browser or mobile. Another unique feature is, that Tally compares imported merchant names with an existing database and increases the reliability of the extracted data.

Tallie Integrations

Tallie connects to QuickBooks, Intacct, Xero and Bill.com and sends all data ones approved to your accounting software. With its credit card reconciliation, it will match your credit card transactions with your receipts. That lets you cross check, whether everything is in place or you should dig into your pockets to find the missing pieces. Remember, booking only with receipt.

The Tallie Plan

Tally has two pricing plans and keeps things very simple. One is the minimum $ 50/- plan and afterwards, each member cost $ 9/- a month. The second is the Enterprise Plan, you enjoy all the features of the Business Plan plus view tune-ups. The price is negotiable and paid annually.

Tallie Expense Report Software and …

You can send expense reports back and forward until all entries are correct. That is a good way keep your employees busy. On the other hand, if you prefer them taking care of your customers, we can help you out.

Our Service for your success:

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