What You Need To Know About Shoeboxed Expense Tracker

What do you need to know about Shoeboxed?

What is so special about Shoeboxed?

Shoeboxed seems to be highly accurate. Why that? After the snap you pick the category, the rest is done via OCR and human data verification. The later is the reason why the app takes a while to turn receipts into data.  But for that, the entered data is to 99% correct.  With the time the app’s algorithm starts to categories the receipts on its own, or someone does it for you. If you fear that your personal data is spread amongst the people, Shoeboxed offers reliable and safe storage for all your digital tax receipts and all employees are checked and tested. There is one more thing, what you need to know about Shoeboxed. I like to point it out since there seems to be a misunderstanding. The number in the plan lets you know how many scanned receipts Shoeboxed will check for you with its human data verification.

What are the other interesting features?

Another add-on is, that this receipt tracker allows you to follow up on your expenses and mileage. Henceforth with this expenses tracker, you can generate expense reports and share it with the receipts images for reimbursement and/or tax filing.

Last but not least, Shoeboxed turns more than receipts into data, it does the same with business cards. Can you remember when was the last time you entered all contact details from a business card to your contact list? You certainly did that once in your carrier. Shoeboxed takes over this time-consuming work and turns the stuck of cards into easily accessible details.

Receipt Organizer

Shoeboxed archives receipts into single documents. It’s a painless way to digitize your receipts. Receipt key data extracted with OCR and human data verification. Categorized/organised data, easy to search and available anytime, anywhere.

Magic Envelopes

Simply stuff all your receipts and business cards in a Magic Envelope and send it to the Shoeboxed Service Center. As soon as Shoeboxed has received your letter they will scan and verify it for you.

Import Receipts through Gmail

Auto-import your receipts from Gmail to Shoeboxed. Send invoices and receipts to your unique Shoeboxed email address.

Shoeboxed Business Card Reader

The Business Card Reader will turn the piles of business cards into an online database with all your contacts. Send and get contact information through Shoeboxed. Download a CSV file to import your business cards virtually. Send contact to your favourite email or CRM program.

Send Expense Reports from Anywhere

Create your expense report from the web as well as mobile device.

Integration with other Apps

Shoeboxed integrates with almost every popular accounting programs i.e. Quickbooks and Xero. You can import existing data from Evernote, Wave, and so on. Using this, you will have a less manual entry, fewer receipts missing and stress-free.

How much does Shoeboxed cost?

Shoeboxed comes in 4 models for you to pick. The most distinct points are the number of receipts, which are checked with human data verification and the turn around time of your receipts.

Shoeboxed Lite

Lite is best for freelancers and contractors, the one (wo)man show.

  • 15$ per month
  • Human data verification for 150 paper and e-receipts
  • 3 – 4 days mail turnaround
  • receipts & mileage tracking through the Shoeboxed mobile app.
  • 1 user

Shoeboxed Classic

Classic is great for small business owners.

  • 39$ per month
  • Human data verification for 150 paper and e-receipts
  • Prepaid envelopes for U.S. only
  • 2-3 days mail turnaround
  • 2 users
  • Quickbooks online integration

Shoeboxed Business

  • 69$ per month
  • Human data verification for 500 paper and e-receipts
  • Prepaid envelopes U.S. only
  • 1-2 days mail turnaround
  • 3 users
  • Quickbooks online integration

Shoeboxed DIY

In case you have only a few receipts and more interested in using Shoeboxed for your personal purpose, then the DIY plan is the thing for you. It is totally free and you can use all the features Shoeboxed has to offer. Beside that every month Shoeboxed gives you human data verification for five scanned receipts on the house, the rest you have to enter yourself. (If you are too busy to do it yourself, RSC is independent human data verification service, we can do that for you.)

ReceiptScanChecker offers Independent Human Data Verification

You got a DIY Shoeboxed account and you are short on time to enter your receipts data? Or you have one of the pay accounts and need more Data Verification? RSC offers Independent Human Data Verification for Shoeboxed. Our employees are regularly trained by accountants and checked for police records and bound to confidentiality. All our actions follow PII and GDPR, we will never ask you for more data as we need and we keep all data to us.

Ready to get the pictures of your receipts turned into digital data?