Data Verification for Receipt Scanner and Organizer


Data Verification for Receipt Scanner and Organizer

Yes, our Human Data Verification for Receipt Scanner and Organizer Apps is done by humans. We are honest about it. We check any kind of data for accuracy and inconsistencies. Mostly done after data migration from scans and pictures into a digital form. It helps to determine whether data was accurately translated while transferring it from one source to another. It identifies the areas of variation and prevents erroneous data loss. Yes, we considered wrong entered data as lost data or let’s say as lost money, your money.

If you have your data on a drive and like to enter it in a chart of your choice, we do this too, just get in touch with us.

HDV for you

We “serve” you HDV (Human Data Verification) as Proofreading data. Proofreading data involves someone (human) checking the entered data manually against the original document. We make sure the copy of your scanned receipt and entered receipt is 100% correct. In addition, we add any relevant data which are missing.
Yes, the same work as you do. Honestly, do you really have the time for it?

Your data in save hands

Frankly, our employees have their own lives and do not care where your last uber dropped you off. All our actions follow PII and GDPR, we will never ask you for more data as we need and we keep all data to us. To top it all, our employees are bound to confidentiality.


We make sure that all information captured from your documents are accurate. And most of all we check and correct each and every field :

  • Category
  • Vendor
  • Amount
  • Tax
  • Date
  • Currency

We review more than 1000 receipts a day, with confidence we can say, we will recover your creased and crumpled invoices, faded bills, coffee-stained checks and hammer them into your database.


Human data verification service at a lower rate than your accountant, bookkeeper, clerk & digital filing dealer.

What’s the value of your hour ?

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