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Know more about Receipt Bank

Paperless Receipt Bank Accounting

Receipt Bank is flexible for small businesses, Freelancers, Mid-size business and enterprises. This app supports via phone and knowledge-based. When it comes to the matter of pricing, it starts with the free package. Test the app with a free trial, with a Freemium account. “Freemium” is a portmanteau of “free” and “premium”. We have API and invoice features. It integrates with Freshbooks, Quickbooks online and Xero.

Use Receipt Bank for paperless accounting and bookkeeping. Just take a snap of your receipt and upload it. This app will extract all receipt data very fast. Reduce your data entry to focus on what matters you most. This application will help you to solve your clients’ issue faster. You can submit multiple receipts at once. An easy way to generate your expense report. Manage your record according to each supplier/ clients.

Find customer services very responsive. Easy interface and reduces errors. It is much quicker than manual receipt entering. Integrates with different accounting systems. Get your Data reports in pictures as well as pdf format in your emails. Overall review of the app is easy to use, flexible, good features, worth of cost and customer friendly.  Find their services in Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, United States. Process your receipts and invoices through email, post or just upload the snap.

Get into Receipt Bank

To get in, you have to share your username and super secret password. Create an account by filling your required details and login. Set up your general settings like payment status, due dates for invoices, net amount, categorization, archiving and downloading items. Integrate items directly into accountancy software by choosing your integration. Link up your two accounts with one receipt bank account.

Fill in your Personal details, email id, password, etc., through which we reach you. Setup the email notification and basic accounting pieces of information. Even you can invite your accountant in receipt bank. Maintain your list according to categories, Projects, Clients or payment method. Manage payment method by creating new users with a reference number.

receipt bank

Scan at Eagle View Point

Once you are done with setting up your profile. Get into Inbox and upload receipts. Upload receipts or invoices in zip files, single item files or multiple items. Upload can be through Snaps, Email, Apps, By Post, Paypal or from Dropbox. It will process your image to scanned data. The scanning process will be line-by-line extraction.

Auto-filling data:

  • Receipt Type
  • Date
  • Supplier
  • Currency
  • Total Amount
  • Tax Amount
  • Net Amount
  • Category
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Method

If you want to give any additional information, mention it in the description box. Receipt Bank gives a great option of splitting your expense and save it as 2 separate receipts.

What Export Expense Report Tells?

After Autofill, receipts and invoices can be exported as an expense report. A report might be added to already existing report or a new report with name, report for whom and receipt date. Expense report will tell:

  • For whom it is prepared
  • Type of report
  • Name
  • Date
  • Report Total
  • Report Tax
  • Note (if applicable)
  • Status of integration

Export / download reports in CSV or PDF format. Share reports via email or if it’s very important tag with flag option. Save 250 reports per page.

How to Sort Suppliers Reports?

Before sorting suppliers report, make sure that it is named correctly. An interesting part in this is, that, one supplier report can be handled by separating it according to different categories. Also, there is an option to merge the reports of the same supplier. Be eager in knowing which suppliers rank on Top 10.

We check your Scanned Receipts Data:

  • Receipt Type
  • Date
  • Supplier
  • Currency
  • Total Amount
  • Tax (if applicable)
  • Category
  • Payment type