Receipt Scanner App And What You Should Know About It

Receipt Scanner App Service

Your Receipt Scanner App is a powerful tool. If you are very busy and provided that you like copies of your expenses for your bookkeeping, then they can make your life easy. Though managing your digital receipts can be tricky moreover time-consuming.

Managing Digital Receipt: The dark side of receipt scanner apps

Your receipt scanning app is a great idea getting your receipts recorded. At the same time, after checking 1000 scans and more a day, human help is needed. By experience,  we can say we have seen all types of receipts. My favourite scans are those handwritten ones. The kind of scans you need days to reveal their secrets. Not to mention those I kept in my pocket for two days. Honestly, how often are you going out for dinner and the name of the restaurant is “Receipt”? That sounds Greek to me.


  • Header used as Vendor name
  • Title used as Vendor name
  • Advertisement used as Vendor name


  • Not auto-filled
  • Wrongly categorized
  • Not identified


  • Tax not recognized
  • Total amount excluding tax and tips
  • Sub-Total missing


  • Only a few currencies are recognized
  • Conversion of currency not done
  • Wrongly categorizing currency

Receipt quality

  • Creased
  • Vanished numbers
  • Hand-written

Hardware/Software issue

  • scans not completed
  • bad quality
  • Two versions of same invoice (scanned and email import)
Managing Digital Receipts Date

No worries, your digital receipts can be helped

Yes, our expertise is in entering receipt key data into your app, poetry we leave to Charles Dickens.

Data Verification

We compare each and every bill with its digital brother.

Data security

Your data is secure with us. We delete your login data after we have completed the job.

Your personal clerk

The more the clerk is working for you the more receipts can be done in a shorter time.

Time flies by

Our third party time tracker counts the minutes when we are on the job. In this regard, we send you the records and screenshots of all scans found faulty.