Tap receipt - solution to claim your expense | Data Extraction

How to introduce 1tap receipts?

1 tap receipts extract data automatically. It has bookkeeping system for claiming expenses. This app suits almost every professional as well as personal. Everyone who uses this application feels safe and easy to use. 1tap team double checks all the data correctly entered and categorised. Automatic HMRC categorisation or custom tags will access important financial reports. Get access from anywhere at any time. Real-time updates on your monthly tax savings. Share your receipts and data with your accountant. Data can be in CSV or PDF format. You can import receipts as picture snap, multiple receipts in a go, forward email invoices or manual entry.

In terms of Accountants, 1 tap receipts help to get instant updates from your clients / sole traders. Get your sole trader clients data automatically. Once your clients update their receipt image, extracted data will be sent to you for review.

What is HMRC?

HMRC is defined as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or HM Revenue and Customs. It is a non-ministerial department of UK government. Major responsibilities of HMRC is to collect taxes, payments of some forms and the administration of other regulatory regimes. These customs help 1tap receipts to access important financial reports.

What’s so special in 1tap features?

  • Capture any kind of receipts
  • Self-employment tax calculator
  • Receipt Tracker & invoice App
  • Get Automated Bookkeeping
  • Categorise all expenses with HMRC
  • Secure data in Cloud- Storage
  • Data updates and predictions
  • Export data from anywhere
  • Expenses turn into cash

1 tap receipts fit for:

  • Sole traders
  • Self Employed
  • Contractors

Which option suits your business in 1 tap receipts?

One-man band option is for a freelancer, sole trader or owner of an Ltd company without employees.
Business with employees option is the company with several employees.
Not in business option is for the person who doesn’t have a business but wants to keep track of day-to-day expenses.

How much does it cost?

Prime Lite :

£14.99 / year with 100 auto scans, HMRC categorization per year, 24/7 receipt processing, comprehensive CSV reports and 20 GB of receipt storage.

Prime Pro :

£44.99 / year with every facility of prime lite, unlimited receipt scanning and 50 GB of receipt storage.

Prime Max :

£119.99 / year with everything in prime pro and real-time sharing with the accountant.