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Managing Digital Receipts 

Take away the stress of rechecking your scanned receipts and business cards. Managing Digital Receipts has never been that easy. Use RSC to improve and verify your digital receipts. Take your business to the next level, while we take care of your manual data entry work.

Despite the precise scanning and OCR recognition, your app needs human data verification. So far you have verified them yourself. You scanned the receipt, you changed the wrong spelling and categorised the expense. For how many scans are you doing it? Every scan, every second?  If you got a “few” more slips to check, it becomes a great deal of work. Major applications provide their own human data verification service. You can book this service additionally but they will check only a limited number of receipts for you. Our service goes further than that. Do you want to be certain that 100% of your receipts are correct? Than 100% of the data needs to be checked. We assure you 100% satisfaction, with your app

Why using Receipt Scan Checker?

  • Data verification for any expense tracker

Data verification is offered by only a few of the Top 5 receipt scanner applications. Now you can have the same luxury with any receipt scanner.

  • Pay As You Go, no monthly plans

You are free of monthly packages. We will check your account daily to verify newly uploaded receipts and let you know when you need new tickets.

  • Spend your time on things that matter

Business and Family is your life? Take care of it. While you enjoy your time with the things that matter most to you, we go through your receipts and get them verified.

  • Save money on your accountant

Let your auditor focus on the work you pay him/her for, accounting. Why should you pay your accountant a fortune for data entry?

  • Extra service for your app

Do you have an expense tracker application that offers human data verification? Good choice, because these are applications which value the customers time and the importance of correct data. Anyway, the plans offered are on monthly basis and every receipt extra will cost you a fortune. RSC offers competitive prices for higher quality.

Most common problems with receipt scanner

Receipt quality

  • Creased
  • Vanished numbers
  • Hand-written


  • Not auto-filled
  • Wrongly categorized
  • Not identified


  • Header used as Vendor name
  • Title used as Vendor name
  • Advertisement used as Vendor name

Hardware/Software issue

  • scans not completed
  • bad quality
  • Two versions of same invoice (scanned and email import)


  • Tax not recognized
  • Total amount excluding tax and tips
  • Sub-Total missing


  • Currency recognition is less
  • Wrongly categorizing currency
  • Poor conversion of currency 
Managing Digital Receipts Date

Human Data Verification for your Receipt Scanner

Link your Receipt Scanner (Expense Tracker) account to your RSC account and you can see the daily progress made.

Time flies by

Before you know it, the tax year is over and you have got a big data backlog. Our plans are flexible. Either we enter your data evenly over the year or we do it in one go at the end of the year.

Data security

Link your Expense Tracker account to your RSC account and see the magic. All our data entry specialists are bound to confidentiality. 

Your personal clerk

We are your personal clerk. We work daily on your receipts, so you can stay on track in almost real-time. 

Data Verification

We fill in the empty fields, calculate the tax and improve wrongly recognised entries.


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